Weekend and seven-day Insight meditation retreats in 2007


Weekend and seven-day
Insight meditation retreats in 2007


หลักสูตรขั้นพื้นฐาน : สำหรับชาวต่างชาติและคนไทย

Weekend and seven-day
Insight meditation retreats in 2007

Organised by 'The House of Dhamma'
at the YBAT 2 meditation centre in Rangsit, Klong 3

There will be an intensive meditation retreat at the YBAT (Young Buddhists Association of thailand's custom-built meditation centre in Rangsit, Klong 3, north of Bangkok.

Insight (Vipassana) meditation forms the basis of this retreat, but there will also be optional sessions to allow meditators to facilitate access their inner guidance. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of the spiritual dimensions of being with those of the physical, in everyday life.

Standing, walking, sitting and lying down meditations will be held in group sessions and as individual practice. Vegetarian food and single room accommodation will be provided.

Instruction will be in English, with some Thai translation as necessary. The main instructors are Rev. Sadharma (Helen Jandamit), A Buddhist Priest in The Mook Rim Society (Korean Zen) who is also a Vipassana Meditation Master and healer, together with Acharn Kampan Suwanajak,
Vipassana Meditation Master and Buddhist Scholar.

The retreat is open to all English-speaking adults. It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to take part.

Insight meditation retreats in 2007
September 21 - 23 (3 days, Friday -Sunday)
and November 24 - 30 (7 days, Saturday - Friday)

Additional Details for weekend retreat

You'll need to register for retreats at least five days in advance.

The expected schedule is as follows:
* There's an orientation on Friday night starting at 5 pm. Please try to arrive at the centre before sunset. It can be difficult to find in the dark. Snacks are provided on Friday evening. Afterwards at 6.30 pm, there is the opening ceremony followed by group practice with detailed instruction.

*On Saturday and Sunday mornings, there's private practice followed by morning chanting and a Dhamma talk. Breakfast is at 7.30. Then group practice with follow-up instruction. After a break on Saturday, you practise privately in your room. Lunch is at 11.30. At one o'clock on Saturday afternoon, private practice follows, with 'sorb arom' = meditation reports with the teachers during the afternoon.

*On Saturday evening, fruit drinks will be provided at 5.30 and there will be chanting and a Dhamma talk from 6.15 to 7.00. Then there is a group session in the main hall.

*On Sunday there will be a group session from 2 to 3 pm. and there will be a closing ceremony from 3.00 to 3.30.

*Food is Thai vegetarian.

*If you have white clothing, this is ideal for a Vipassana retreat. If not, any light undistracting conservative clothes can be worn.

*Meditators are expected to keep the eight precepts which include not eating solid food after midday. We will provide fruit juice in the evenings.

*Much of the retreat will be silent. You should not read, watch TV or listen to the radio or recorded music. Certain sessions are not silent.

*Please inform the House of Dhamma by fax or phone or e-mail at least five days in advance if you want to register

*Payment must be in cash (Thai baht) given on arrival at the centre.
There is a charge of 3,000 baht per person for weekend retreats for running expenses and utilities. There is no extra charge for optional workshops.
Donations will be used to enable the teachers to continue Dhamma work.

Additional Details for seven - day retreat

You'll need to arrive at the centre between 11.00 and 12.00 noon on the first day.

*Meditators are expected to keep the eight precepts, which include not eating solid food after midday,
We will provide fruit juice in the evenings.

The energy exchange is 5,000 baht per person for food and accommodation. For those
who wish to travel from the House of Dhamma to the centre by mini-van, you will need to book a seat and the departure time from the House of Dhamma is 10.00 AM on the first day.

For details or to book a place, please contact The House of Dhamma
Fax 66-8-2-512-6083 (From outside Thailand)
or 02-512-6083 (within Thailand)
Phone between 10 am and 5 pm
Wednesday to Saturday Phone : 66-8-2-511-0439 (From outside Thailand)
website : www.houseofdhamma.com

or e-mai
l houseofdhamma@csloxinfo.com



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